Why Google Friend Connect is a Must For Bloggers


 Why Google Friend Connect is a Must For Bloggers

Why Google Friend Connect is a Must For Bloggers
Why Google Friend Connect is a Must For Bloggers

Usually when Google Friend Connect is mentioned, most people assume that it is used exclusively with websites. This is not entirely accurate, since the Google Friend Connect widget can often be very useful for blogs. Namely, the widget can significantly expand the readership potential of the blog.

Blogging is incredibly popular, as evidenced by the many blogs spreading on the Internet. Many blogs have a large audience, and in most cases readers are allowed to comment on blog entries. While this is a decent method of interaction between a Google Friend Connect blogger and readers, it is also quite limited. Simply commenting on blogs does not always cause a stir. In addition, due to the design of a regular blog, comments tend to drop down the page and disappear from view. If they are off-site, then comments probably won't do much to increase interest in the blog. That's why Google Friend Connect can provide a mega boost for a blog.

Google Friend Connect is a free system that can add social networking features to a blog. By simply cutting and pasting the widget code into the blog, you will earn money in a short time. After installing the widget, readers can create profiles, create their own list of friends and chat with each other. All these tactics can work wonders, making a blog popular and lively. Now some may think that this is not necessary for the success of the blog, but potentially it brings huge benefits. If a blog becomes the epicenter of a huge social network, a blogger can receive a number of awards. Namely, a blogger can become very famous and popular, as well as significantly increase potential sources of income.

This inclusion of social networking features in blogs is a huge step forward compared to the first days of blogging. Initially, blogs started out quite innocuously. Early "blogs" focused almost exclusively on computer information and technology-related topics. Over time, these items would expand to include many items. Due to the wide variety of topics, blogs attracted more and more readers. Eventually, the blog's readership grew to hundreds of millions. This took the traditional media by surprise, as many people were able to achieve fame through their blogs. To say that this was a radical departure from the traditional, established way of gaining fame through writing articles and presenting news would be a great understatement. In the past, the only way to reach a large audience of mass media were large cable TV channels, newspapers or magazines with high circulation. Blogging has changed all that, and now Google Friend Connect can take blogging to the next level.

Why is Google Friend Connect so potentially useful for bloggers? Keep in mind that simply launching a blog does not mean that it will automatically attract a huge audience. The audience needs to be formed, and sometimes it can take a long time. That's why a proactive method of attracting an audience is so important. Google Friend Connect can help develop this audience.

As soon as Google Friend Connect starts connecting like-minded readers to the blog's social network, the network will begin to live its own life. That is, members of the blog network can become members of other Google Friend Connect networks. This will lead to an increase in traffic from these other avenues. In addition, nothing prevents the blog publisher from actively becoming a member of other Google Friend Connect networks. This will lead to even more traffic and popularity. Best of all, this method is much cheaper than participating in a number of traditional search engine optimization methods.

Another huge advantage of using Google Friend Connect is that the increased popularity and traffic will significantly expand the possibilities of blog monetization. Most blogs rely on pay-per-click advertising and affiliate marketing. As more and more people actively spend time on new Google Friend Connect social media apps on the blog, the ability to convert these visitors into visitors generating advertising revenue will increase significantly.

The bottom line is that blogs need an audience and some form of advertising to be successful. The Google Friends Network can achieve both of these goals. Provided, of course, that he will be paired with a very motivated blogger.