Seo Guidelines Search Engine Marketing


Seo Guidelines Search Engine Marketing

Seo Guidelines Search Engine Marketing

 SEO guidelines, also known as search engine optimization, establish the rules used by major search engines such as GOOGLE, Yahoo, MSN, etc. to determine whether a website should be included in search results. Believe it or not, including your website in Google search results is not part of the Bill of Rights under the Constitution. There are search engine marketing guidelines that determine which websites are included and which are excluded from search results.

SEO Recommendations – You should…

Create your pages for people, not for search engines. It seems obvious, doesn't it? We have all visited web pages with garbage content written to deceive search engines in search of the best ratings. When they are discovered (and they will be discovered), these websites will be banned. Other SEO guidelines prohibit offering search engine content other than the content of your visitors. This is called “masking”, it is unethical and another trick that should be avoided to get a high ranking in search engines. Instead, focus on providing the useful content your visitors are looking for and update your site frequently with fresh content.

Recommendations for SEO promotion – You should not…

Here are some important search engine optimization techniques to avoid when using SEO techniques on your site. These are unethical methods that can lead to the removal of your websites from the Google index.!! It hurts! After the ban, your site will not be displayed in GOOGLE search results or on partner sites.

SEO guidelines clearly prohibit link farms that create multiple links to your site in order to boost your page's ranking in unethical ways. Sooner or later your site will be caught and fined for violating SEO rules. In particular, avoid links to web spammers and software that automatically sends your pages to search engines.

Recommendations for SEO Optimization in search engines

Create web pages free of hidden texts and links visible only by search engines. Instead, use search engine marketing strategies without redirects to other sites. Instead of junk content, search engine optimization promotes useful content for readers. You like to read the same thing again... read the same thing again... read the same thing again... the search engine doesn't do that either. After all, search engines are also people!