Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?


 Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?
 Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

With affiliate marketing, you don't really need a website at all, and you can just direct your traffic directly to the product sale page.

But this is not the best idea. There are much better methods of obtaining affiliate commissions that simply direct potential buyers directly to the order page.

So, why is it so important for an affiliate marketer to have a website?

There are quite a few reasons that can answer this question.

Having a website that you run on your own domain name and web hosting is yours. It cannot be closed or deleted at any time, as it can be if you use a free blogging site.

Many partners have watched their hard work disappear for almost no reason to delete. If the blogging service has any doubts that you are sending spam or using the wrong marketing tactics (even if this is not the case), most likely your blog will be deleted without prior notice. With your own domain, you control what is being deleted.

Pre-sale to your customers

In addition, it is important that you conduct a pre-sale to your potential customers before sending them a page where they can purchase the affiliate product advertised by you. Communicating with your readers allows you to develop relationships with them. If they visit your website and find that you have been struggling with the same problem and you have a solution for them, they will most likely accept you and make a purchase. Sending directly to the sales page does not allow you to establish this connection.

Create your email list

If you run a website related to a niche in which you are an affiliated marketer, you may have a registration form on your homepage that will capture emails. This allows you to contact these people in the future to remind them of the ideal solution or to offer them additional products that you can promote as a partner.

This helps to further strengthen the trusting relationship that you want to establish with the readers of your blog. The presence of an answering machine connected to the registration form greatly simplifies the whole process.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it is vital to have a website if you are doing affiliate marketing. You risk your business if you decide to use a free blogging service, as it can shut you down at any second. Also, the money stays on the table if you don't connect to traffic and offer them the perfect solution to their problem.