Advanced Blogging With WordPress


 Advanced Blogging With WordPress

Advanced Blogging With WordPress
Advanced Blogging With WordPress

Are you working inside WordPress and do you have multiple authors or others who manage content for your blog? Instead of messing with spreadsheets and Google docs, try the EditFlow plugin for WordPress. EditFlow is a plugin that allows you to do things that, for example, are only visible to editors. Only people who are editors can see the comment. You can have a dialogue right inside the post! It provides a searchable and sortable calendar so that you can easily view all the articles that are written. You can place "desired images" and other comments on the sidebar to control the flow of content.

Isn't it too late to start blogging?

As an aspiring blogger, you might think it's too late. You might think that other successful bloggers have too much head start. With the help of blogging, anyone can develop their voice. People starting a blog right now, it's not too late. Of course, it is more cluttered, and there are much more blogs, but this opens up opportunities for communication and faster growth. Although there are a lot of people blogging today, there is no one who has exactly the same set of experiences, stories, skills, and perspectives. Use what you have unique. It's a great way to break into the blogging industry.

Methods of attracting visitors to your blog

The editorial staff that goes into a successful blog varies. But for the most part, successful blog editors publish one newsletter every week (Thursday or Friday) with weekend trips. With the help of a team of authors and several invited authors, two original articles are published daily. It takes a lot of time to interact with as many social networks as possible. So, to succeed, you have to plan and strategically allocate your resources. During the week, as a rule, visitors are offered a "challenge" task, which they can take with them and use the tutorials published earlier in the week.

A model for blogging:

People are much more likely to read tutorials if they were inspired to do so. The key things that are used for the success of a unique blog include a successful editorial model. Each blog is different, but for the most part, this editorial calendar works.

Include three things in the editorial calendar:

Information - 90%



It's all free content. Four publications a week, twice a day, plus a summary newsletter once a week to summarize tips and general information published during the week.

What is Long Form Content and why does it work?

Long-form content is a trend that works very well in blogs. Long-form content can be called "fleshier" content. While typical news content includes articles with a range of 500-800 words, long-form content is different. The average amount of content of a typical blogger was about 1000 words or less. Articles are largely devoted to SEO, including keyword optimization. The only problem with this strategy? Bloggers received a lot of search traffic, but not so much return traffic, direct traffic, or brand search, and user engagement indicators - such as bounce rate and time on the site - were quite low.

On the other hand, long content is not only rewarded by search engines - but it also resonates with readers. Thanks to the creation of more voluminous content that is of great value to the audience, the content strategy of bloggers have been crowned with success thanks to improved engagement indicators.

The ideal size of blog content

Based on statistics, a perfect blog post takes seven minutes to read and is about 1,600 words long. It's not an easy read, but it's worth the extra time and investment because some blog editors report that when using long content, the average time spent on the site has more than tripled!

Additional Content Ideas

Contests (with a prize) and surveys (or discussions) are important. Community and engagement are the keys to success. Everything that you can get the reader to "do" on your site is important. Secondly, it will teach you a lot about your readers. At the end of the month, readers will benefit from a monthly survey followed by publication to review the data. In addition, other blogs will find your content to be good research information that they will want to link to.

Forums are a bit old-school technology, but still interesting for readers. Readers can have discussions and demonstrate some of their own ideas. Forums are easy to set up, and in most cases, your hosting provider will offer you a free tool that is easy to use.

Plugins to improve functionality

As the volume of long content grows, the user scrolls down the page to read the entire article. This causes the sidebar elements to scroll up or temporarily disappear in most cases. The ability to keep some of the most important sidebar elements visible and permanent is a great solution to add to an existing blog.

Floating sidebar


Exit from live boxes

The end of mailboxes will appear

What do you want the user to see when they reach the end of the page? If you can provide something else there, you can increase the number of page views or subscribers to the newsletter.

Where can I get these plugins?

Most of these plugins are available at WordPress.com. If you are looking for a more specific plugin focused on professional blogging, you may want to consider joining problogger.com. If you become a member of problogger.com/download-center you will find all the plugins they have developed for professional blogging.

Plugins for bloggers include:

Tracking on Facebook,

a messenger with a sticky top bar,

Flicker plugin for adding images to your blog

EasyDigitalDownloads - Manage all your ebook sales from WordPress

WordPress Editorial Calendar - this helps to visualize all scheduled publications, and you can drag and drop them to change the publication date.

Monetization of your website

There are many ways to monetize your content. If you are limited to just a few and can't spend too much time testing all the available monetization options, then you can limit your energy to ebooks and affiliate links.

Monetization of e-books

E-books are a lucrative source of income. If you produce 4-5 e-books a year, this provides you with a good small income for many years. Writing and publishing e-books is a whole strategy that will be outlined in another article. There is so much information that is needed to fully explain this monetization strategy.

More monetization ideas

Affiliate promotions, such as links to Amazon, also generate good revenue. Promotional mailings and banners can also be profitable for the publisher. The good old Google AdSense can be beneficial for a blogger if you offer your content to a high-level target audience. It's hard to beat in terms of direct sales. As with any monetization, be patient, and persistent and use only high-quality original content.

Web hosting for blogs

While most bloggers use WordPress, there are some bloggers who still use b2evolution or other blogging tools. For the most part, all web hosting providers offer WordPress for free. There may be a question about whether you need inexpensive web hosting in the basement or a partner who really specializes in WordPress with plugins or migration assistance. Each blog is different, and what type of web hosting you use is something that you, the business owner, will need to decide. Create a brand that advertisers will want to join, and even with little traffic, if you have really good topics, you can make good money on your blog.